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The company was founded in 1995, following the years of remarkable economic development in China focused on globally. However at that time the coffee industry was just in the very limited and primary stage in the country.

We trusted strongly, that as full of energetic and healthy elements, coffee would be a kind of considerable drinks some day for the consumers among 1.3 billion population in China. It would be treated as the daily necessity in people’s life. Thus we have been devoting ourselves in coffee industry , preparing the best one in cup to meet with this expected event.

Over 20 years, continuously we have been upgrading our production lines and quality control equipment, refining our technical process and improving our management standard. So proud enough that our efforts are fairly rewarded as now days our products are not only for the consumption markets popularly around mainland China, but also to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region , even crossed the board and exported to Mongolia.

We have been always maintaining the passion of the initial stage of our business, looking for the top quality green beans from all producing areas in the world, blending and roasting carefully, so that each coffee bean can be extracted with maximum fragrance and appropriate flavors.

We are committed to find and present a variety of coffee with attractive tastes, letting the people who drink Milan Gold coffee can feel joy and happiness, can feel that explained by our company philosophy: Life is so beautiful. This is not only the original intention, but also the historical mission of Milan Gold.

Vision of The Company:

To be a well-known national and international brand

Historical Mission of The Company:

Provide high quality coffee within the reach of people whenever and wherever, make Milan Gold Coffee to be the important part of their beautiful life.

The Company Value Outlook:

• Love
• Gratitude
• Responsibility
• Onwards Progress Achieving

Milan Gold Coffee Concept

The magic zone between the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, where the rich fertilized soil, pleasant temperature, moderate rainfall help to grow a kind berry fruit in the bush. Following the time flowing, people learned and knew how to plant and roast it for a kind of energetic and vigorous drink called COFFEE.

Every inspiring cup of coffee can bring the warm sunlight and enormous aroma of the tropics. Billions of coffee trees, innumerable kinds of varieties, different soil feature and various climates and environmental in nature bring out the typical and special characters of flavors and tastes on each kind of coffee beans from each region.

Coffee is a kind of drink with the most various aromatic substances and gustative elements among all the foods and beverage in our life. Its more than 1000 kinds of biochemical compounds. When you take up a cup of coffee and deeply inhale its aroma , which can present great joy and high pleasure, it can lead you to associate a type of plant, a precise location, a special environment, a particular growth and harvest period, the growers themselves as well as their history and culture.

Milan Gold is always keeping on the pursuit of top quality of coffee, based on the tasting to thousands of roasted specimen every year by the internal and invited experts. We are dedicated to finding out the fantastic and splendid characters of each kind of coffee. We roast it alone or blend, control the roasting process properly and accurately.

All of all is for achieving one target:

Letting people get more joyful experience and enjoy the feeling of “Life is So Beautiful”

Milan Gold Brand Advantage

• Focus on coffee development for more than 20 years. Official Cooperated Coffee Brand of G20 Hangzhou Summit

• Milan Gold Coffee Dream Factory with latest and most advanced technology

• Milan Gold Barista Academies in Beijing, Shanghai , Yangzhou, Zhongshan, Jilin and Harbin.

• Beverage research and development, Coffee Bar space design and professional technical support.

• Technical maintenance service network covering whole China including Hong Kong and Macao regions

• Highly praised service to a great number of excellent customers.

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