Milan Gold Barista Foundation Courses

Aim to introduce the core skills that a barista needs for anyone who never has systematic training and no experience of coffee making.

Recommended for: the professionals related with coffee business.
Such as: Managing staff from hotel, Cafe, Bakery and coffee lovers, etc.
Time: 24 class hours (three days)

Course Outline:

1. Basic knowledge and cupping introduction related to coffee beans
2. Working station management
3. Espresso grinding, dosing and tamping
4. Espresso extraction
5. Milk steaming skills
6. Cafe menu explaination
7. Health, sanitation and safety
8. Cleaning and maintenance of equipment

SCA Courses

SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, is an authoritative, professional
and democratic international coffee organization jointly founded by
the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Specialty Coffee
Association of Europe. Dedicated to the development of the specialty
coffee business as well as the R&D and promotion of coffee educa-
tion, it is widely recognized by coffee organizations and practitioners
around the world.

Milan Gold SCA Courses:
• SCA barista foundation course
• SCA barista intermediate course
• SCA Brewing(Foundation & Intermediate Courses)

Q-Grader Course

CQI, Coffee Quality Institute, is a nonprofit organization affiliated with SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). CQI provides training and technical support to coffee producers, aiming to promote the sustainable development of the coffee industry by promoting the improvement of global coffee quality and coffee farmers’ income and living standards.

Q-Grader certificate is an international coffee quality grader certification recognized by SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America), which examines the coffee quality grading ability of practitioners. Its standard of grading coffee is widely used by farmers, coffee traders and coffee drinkers all over the world. Up to now only around 4,500 persons have got this certificate.

Milan Gold Coffee Lovers Course

The aggressive Milan Gold team has always dedicated in spreading coffee culture as its mission. After over 20 years of professional accumulation, and the hundreds of practice of coffee lovers courses, through continuous correction, and constant meet of the demand of coffee lovers for coffee knowledge, Milan Gold has launched the latest version of Coffee lovers Course.

The course not only covers kinds of knowledge that coffee lovers are interested in, but also through making and cupping experience learning, participants enjoy making a cup of cappuccino, at the same time, they can feel the ultimate sensory experience from a cup of healthy coffee and enjoy the flavor of special coffee from different origins by different processing methods.

The course opens a door to the wonderful coffee world to the participants, which is popular among coffee lovers and practitioners. Because of the rich knowledge, and the combination of coffee making and tasting experience, the course comprehensively upgrades participants’ systematic knowledge of coffee, it is also known as “coffee expert express course”.

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